The Top 10 Female Names You’ll Never See Given To A Boy

If you believe being bullied builds character
you might want to give your son one of these names.
For some reason you see more females with name names than the other way around, but there are still parents who give their boys women’s names. Popular examples are Courtney, Kelly, and Stacy. In some rare cases you might even see a guy named Christine like Christine Michael a running back on the Seattle Seahawks. Here are the top 10 female names you’ll never see given to a boy:

10. Angelica
9. Lilliana
8. Sonya
7. Serena
6. Amber
5. Debra
4. Jasmine
3. Yolanda
2. Trixie
1. Contessa

Odds are you’ve never met a boy or man with any of these names and if you have then I’m sure he’s a very confused individual.

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