The Top 5 Jobs Where Men Are Discriminated Against

Women like to talk about how they’re discriminated against in the workplace and the business world is a sexist male driven pigfest, but men experience discrimination in the workplace too! Sure, not as frequently as women and not in as many jobs, but there are are jobs that men can’t even get because they’re dominated by women. Here are the top 5 toughest jobs for a man:

5. Cashier
For some reason most cashiers in America are women. Whenever you see a male cashier at a grocery store or CVS it’s just weird. I think it may have to do with store managers being perverts and hey that’s not all good news for women, but at least they get the job while a man doesn’t.

Men can handle and manage money just as well as women!

4. Cheerleader
If you’re a female cheerleader you’ve got a lot of options in life. Primarily, becoming an NFL cheerleader and practicing your talents on the grandest stage of all cheerleadering. But what does a male cheerleader do? Nothing. They don’t even get to be in the NFL. That’s how discriminatory cheerleading is for men. There’s no way for a man to really make a living in that sexist industry.

Pretty hard to be a cheerleader when you have no feet too.

3. Nurse
The classic “hilarious” job for a man to have has always been nurse. Nurses are traditionally women, but there are plenty of male nurses out there who have to deal with jokes and snide remarks on a near daily basis. We all know nurses are just people who want to be in medicine but can’t be doctors for one reason or another, well why is that exclusive to women? It shouldn’t be!

Well that kinda looks like a man, but it wasn't.

2. Babysitter
Male babysitters are fairly rare because of the sexist bias that people have against them. While it’s statistically true that most child molesters are men, you can’t just assume a man is a child molester because he wants to raise some money by babysitting. I mean it’s likely, but still. It’s wrong to assume like that. Just do your research as you would for any babysitter and stop discriminating!

For some reason people are more comfortable with their kid sitting on the lap of a strange woman than a strange man leaving honest non-molester male babysitters shit out of luck.

1. Maid
The number one worst job for male discrimination has to be maid. Do male maids even exist? When people hire male maids they call them “butlers”. How offensive is that! Imagine if you hired a woman to be a salesperson, but then called them something completely different just because they were a woman. That’s classic sexism, folks. Maybe a guy who’s really good at cleaning in this tough economy wants to get a job as a maid. There’s a good chance he’ll never find a job unless he disguises who he is like “Mrs. Doubtfire”. Is that fair? I don’t think so.

Being a maid is hard enough without being hated on for being a man wearing a bonnet.

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