Dumbass Sayings: “Believe You Me”

Believe you me,
this dunce hat is coming dangerously
close to being a KKK hood.
This phrase was said to have originated in Shakespeare but it sounds more like something a caveman would say. “Believe you me” basically means “Believe me” but the word “you” is put in there unnecessarily for emphasis. For some reason this is the only phrase where doing that is acceptable. If you’re in trouble and you say “Help You Me!” instead of “Help me”, that won’t work. People will just look at you all confused and walk away. Saying “Help you me” would make absolutely no sense so why does saying “Believe you me” instead of “Believe me” make sense? And if you really want someone to believe you, talking like a caveman is counterintuitive. No one wants to listen to a neanderthal. There’s rarely a benefit to taking the word of someone who sounds like they have brain damage.

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