Dumbass Sayings: “The Customer Is Always Right”

But just because you're right
doesn't mean people will listen to you.
This IS America.
Perhaps the most idiotic yet widely spoken saying is “The customer is always right”. Everyone knows it’s bullshit yet it’s still a saying that most businesses utilize to enhance customer service. It’s such a dumb saying that even businesses who say it don’t really believe it. If the customer was always right then someone could come into the store claiming they deserve free stuff or that the business is terrible and should be shut down. A customer would be able to walk in naked and get service if they think that all people should be nude. The customer could demand that all the employees take their clothes off and join him in the freedom of nudity. However when I do this, I am not only asked to leave, but I am never allowed back to that Dunkin Donuts again. So guess what? The customer isn’t ALWAYS right. The customer is right under “reasonable circumstances”. The problem is that EVERYONE is right under reasonable circumstances. This saying is completely worthless and should be erased from all usage to avoid confusion.

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