Dumbass Sayings: “Say Uncle!”

Maybe this whole "wanting me" thing
is starting to make sense.
This is just a flat out creepy ass saying. It originated in Ancient Rome so you know it’s some freaky shit. Why the hell would you call someone who’s hurting you “Uncle”? That seems like more of a reason to go to therapy than a popular saying. I think this originated when some guy was being pinned down and put in some sort of wrestling hold like a camel clutch. He couldn’t escape and had no idea what to do so he just yelled out “Uncle! You’re my uncle!” And this rightfully creeped the other guy out who then let go of the hold and backed out of the room feeling very confused and weird. Clever trick, of course I’m not sure it works as well anymore. These sayings become so commonplace people forget the true meaning after awhile. Nowadays shouting “Uncle” simply means “I give up”, but how could it possibly have meant that the first time it was being used? It had to have more context behind it to attain such a meaning. That’s what’s scary.

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