The Top 5 Worst Places To Propose

When it comes to proposing to your girlfriend there are plenty of good places to do it, but there are a few places that you should definitely NOT do it. Proposing is a big deal so you don’t want to mess it up. Here are the top 5 places you never want to propose:

5. Movie theater
Proposing in a movie theater is a bad idea because it’s dark and the woman is usually too focused on the film to grasp the importance of the moment. Plus you’re creating a disturbance for the other moviegoers and that’s never a good thing. The last thing you need is someone punching a hole in your face asking someone be your wife.

If you're going to propose at the movies, be prepared to hear a lot of "Shut the hell up!"'s

4. Liquor store
A liquor store is one of the least romantic places to propose marriage. Unless your significant other is a severe alcoholic this will be a definite mistake. The only reason it’s not higher on the list is there’s lots of alcohol around in case she says no.

Liquor stores are where marriages end, not where they begin.

3. Gang bang
Gang bangs are not the proper setting for a proposal. It’s not cool to alienate all the other guys there. You should probably wait until she takes a shower and gets cleaned up. Then take her to Olive Garden or something fancy where you can really make a romantic impression.

Orgies are a team effort. Don't alienate your team.

2. In a car
Proposing in a car is just flat out unacceptable. Even if you have the vehicle on cruise control, trying to kneel on a driver’s seat while in motion is incredibly dangerous. Odds are the woman will be screaming “NO!” and not because she doesn’t want to marry you, but because you’re careening into a cement freeway divider.

If you can't text while driving you damn sure shouldn't propose. IT CAN WAIT.

1. At a funeral
The number one worst place to propose is a funeral. There’s no winning scenario here. Either she says no and you feel like crap, bringing the mood down even more or best case scenario she says yes and you totally steal the spotlight from the dead person. Usually their families don’t appreciate that much at all. It’s just flat out creepy to choose a funeral too. Even if you do know the people it’s just not the right kind of vibe to start a marriage in.

Let the dead have their moment. Not everything is about you.

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