The Top 5 Best Inventions Not Attributed To Any Inventor

Have you ever wished you could thank someone for inventing the thing you love so much only to find out that no one ever got credit for inventing it? Yeah, here’s the top 5 of that:

5. Pillow
The invention of the pillow traces back to Ancient Egypt. Unfortunately for the Ancient Egyptians they weren’t much for keeping records about who was inventing stuff back then. They just did it, not for the credit or accolades, but to have something under their heads when they went to sleep. Beds are a good invention too, but obviously pillows are like tiny beds for your head so whoever invented the pillow basically also invented the bed.

They're like tiny beds for your head!

4. Candle
According to Wikipedia, the earliest known candles were from China in 221 BC. Candles are pretty important and not just for Amish people. If it weren’t for candles people would have only been about to discover and invent things during the day until the light bulb in 1879. That’s a lot of inventions!

What would we stick into birthday cakes if it weren't for candles? Do you ever stop to think about that?

3. Sword
The oldest swords known to man were made around 3300 BC in Turkey. Before the sword people only had knives and daggers. The sword revolutionized hunting and warfare. Thanks to the sword, George Lucas was inspired to create awesome lightsaber battles in the “Star Wars” films. Could you imagine “Lightdaggers”? How stupid would that have been!

Swords are a great way to spend time with friends.

2. Internet
Al Gore didn’t invent the internet, but thanks to a series of uncredited computer experts you’re now able to access billions of photos of naked people without having to break the law or suffer the indignity of purchasing them in public.

The internet is a lot like a normal net except instead of an endangered sea turtle inside there's information.

1. Underpants
I think we can all agree the best invention without a known creator is underpants. Imagine the first person to decide they needed underpants. It was probably a caveman and yet this genius had the foresight to create something that would be crucial to the daily lives of people thousands of years later. That’s a serious invention. Getting poop on the insides of your pants wasn’t even an issue for this person and they still created something that would solve that problem millennia in the future. Truly outstanding.

Apron thongs really aren't as popular as they should be.

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