Dumbass Sayings: “Beggars Can’t Be Choosers”

Here’s a saying that is very insensitive to the homeless folks out there. Of course beggars can be choosers. ANYONE can be a chooser. You can’t just force things on a beggar. They have the option just like anyone else to not accept what you’re giving them. Beggars have rights. They’re human beings. If you give a beggar a large extra cheese pizza and they tell you they’re lactose intolerant would you really expect them to eat the whole thing and get horribly ill? What kind of monster are you?

Just because you’re desperate doesn’t mean you lose all your freedom. I might be desperate for love, but does that mean I have to take whatever offer I get from anyone? Of course not. I still will, but the point is, I have the choice. Being a beggar is difficult enough, don’t try to demean them by stripping away their basic human rights even further than they’ve already been.

You'll take what you get and like it!

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