Dumbass Sayings: “Nothing To Sneeze At”

Air is nothing to sneeze at.
When a woman gives you a dollar to stop talking to her at a party someone might see that and say “Hey that’s nothing to sneeze at!” When something is “Nothing to sneeze at” that means it IS something. Apparently you can only sneeze at worthless things. This saying is wrong though because sneezing is pretty much an involuntary action. You can’t choose what to sneeze at therefore anything can be sneezed at whether it’s a penny, a dollar, or a million dollars. If you have bad allergies then everything is something to sneeze at. Now if this saying was “Nothing to blow your nose at” or “Nothing to spit at” that would make sense. If someone blows their nose on you or spits at you that’s a bit more offensive than being sneezed on. Sure the person sneezing should have turned their head away, but mistakes happen. When someone blows their nose on you or spits in your face that’s done on purpose. They mean to tell you you’re dirt to them. Sneezing isn’t a strong enough action to warrant being the star of its own saying.

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