Songs You Didn’t Know Were Evil: "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"

Let it snow! Who cares about all those
people traveling in planes with families!
“Let It Snow” is one of the most popular Christmas/wintertime songs around, but it’s really sending a bad message. In the song, a man is beckoning the skies to continue pouring snow on the world. “Since we’ve got no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” This guy really wants it to snow A LOT. Perhaps he’s forgotten how dangerous snow makes roadways for other people. YOU may have no place to go, but what about the people who have to risk their lives driving to work on a snowy freeway road? To hell with them! I suppose you’ll be cozy by your delightful fire when your neighbor gets the news his wife’s car slid off a bridge into a frozen pond.

Christmas is a time to care about your fellow man. The rest of the year whatever, but around Christmas you’re supposed to care! One way to practice that would be to wish for it to NOT snow. Wishing for it to keep snowing and snowing and snowing to the point where it becomes a hazard for innocent people is not much different than wishing for a drought in Africa. You can plead ignorance and claim it was all in fun and you just enjoy the look of snow from your window, but how about having a little awareness? Heavy snow is no joke. People die in it all the time. Of course your wishing for something doesn’t make it happen and you can wish for deadly winter conditions all you want, but don’t be surprised when people call you out on it.

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