Dumbass Sayings: “Never Say Die”

People who play board games
are cowards.
When someone has a “Never say die” attitude it means they never give up, but how exactly does saying “die” equate to quitting? Who says “die” when they give up? When you give up you say things like “Uncle!” or “Screw this!” Why isn’t this saying “Never say I can’t take this anymore!”?

The only time you say “die” is when you’re strangling or stabbing someone and you scream that into the person’s face. I don’t really see how that applies to this saying or quitting though. If someone has a “never say die” attitude it should mean they’ve either never killed anyone before or they’re silent when they murder. If you want to say someone never gives up just say they have a “Never say uncle” attitude. The only problem after that is figuring out why the hell saying “uncle” means you quit, but that’s for another time.

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