Dumbass Sayings “Not For Nothing”

"Not for nothin', but
I am so high right now!"
“Not for nothin” is perhaps the most redundant phrase in the English language. The only reason this saying is still used today is because it’s a double negative and by the time the listener starts to translate it into proper English and realize it’s a useless thing for the speaker to say, the speaker has already completed what they wanted to say and the focus is then drawn to the main topic of conversation.

Saying “Not for nothing” is basically like saying “I’m going to say something now...” before you say something. It’s like tacking “You know?” on the front of a sentence. Saying “You know?” is pretty dumb, but at least it’s at the end of a sentence to fill the awkwardness of the silence created by what you just said (ex: “Llamas are really sexy, you know?”) However there’s no reason to start off a sentence with a useless time wasting phrase like that. “Not for nothing” is arguably one of the dumbest sayings anyone’s ever heard and not for nothin’, but it’s time to put a stop to it.

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