5 Great Examples of Why Bigger Is NOT Better

What do women and that guy from the AT&T kindergarten children commercial always say? Bigger is better! Sure you can cite instances where that might be true, but there are just as many examples of it being the total opposite. On top of that, the examples of smaller being better are far more pertinent to our daily lives and have a much stronger impact on the future of Earth and human civilization as we know it.

5. Phones
If mobile phones were still the size they were in the 1980’s do you think people would be carrying them around everywhere? I doubt it. People want something they can slip into their pocket or purse, not some behemoth device that’s practically its own suitcase. In the future, phones will be in our heads and I doubt you’d want something massive taking up space in your cerebellum.

At least you'll never drop it in the toilet!

4. Computers
Desktops are slowly going extinct. Who even buys a desktop anymore? Why get a big, clunky, space hogging desktop computer when you can get all the same capability in a sleek handheld tablet?

Good luck dragging this into a Starbucks.

3. Pills/Suppositories
When you get a new vitamin or a prescription for a pill to swallow would you prefer that pill to be big or small? When it comes to having things in my mouth and going down my throat I prefer them to be small so what are women talking about exactly?

Bigger isn't better when it comes to suppositories that's for damn sure!

2. Nanotechnology
The new wave of the medical world is all about nanotechnology. Super tiny robots that can be injected into the bloodstream and repair tissues, kill viruses and diseases and god knows what else. If bigger was better, scientists would be working on a giant machine that cures you with a blast of radiation or something, but that obviously is not the case. It’s all about going small!

Who would you rather have operating on your heart, a team of nanobots or this freak?

1. The original Xbox controller
Perhaps the greatest example of how bigger is not better is the first ever Xbox controller. When it came out people complained so much that they had to design a smaller one. Now if bigger was really better, the Atari Jaguar would have been a huge success and we’d all still be playing that and Colecovision. The sad truth is that smaller is actually better these days which makes me very upset about my genital situation.

Whenever a woman says "Bigger is better" bring up the original Xbox controller. She'll definitely sleep with you then.

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