Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Aren’t There More Female Movie Critics?”

The complete opposite of a woman.
Dear McFartnuggets: Everyone knows about Siskel & Ebert and Leonard Maltin, but where are all the female movie critics out there? Why aren’t there more? -- Tonia from Glendale, Arizona

Dear Tonia:
I think the answer to your question has to deal with the mind of a film critic. Think about the type of person who aspires to be a critic of movies. Usually it’s someone who spent the majority of their childhood at movie theaters and becoming enthralled by cinema, yet not talented or attractive enough to do anything with that other than write reviews. Now does it make more sense why there aren’t more women movie critics? First of all, most girls growing up aren’t sitting at the movies all day fantasizing about being the characters. That’s kind of a sad boy/man thing to do.

The reason a female movie critic is less likely to succeed is because women usually have a different sensibility when it comes to movies. People don’t want to be mislead by a woman giving a “Sex and The City” movie two thumbs up. To a woman, that’s a great movie, but to a man, not so much. No one needs to read a “Sex and The City” movie review. If you’re interested in seeing it, you’re going to see it. You don’t need a woman or a man to tell you how good or bad it is. So basically the main genre of movies that you’d specifically want a female’s opinion on is not really something you’d actually care to have an opinion on. That’s ultimately the reason there aren’t more female movie critics. There could be more, but they have to fight their way through the hierarchy of fat guys who do nothing but watch movies all day and that’s a fight most women don’t want to take on.

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