Dumbass Sayings: “Beat A Dead Horse”

Never beat a dead horse
or beat off a dead horse.
Sometimes people will say “I’d hate to beat a dead horse, but… You need to stop pleasuring yourself at our Wendy’s drive-thru.” You’d hate to beat a dead horse? So you’d like beating a living one? Are people saying “Hey it’s okay to beat this horse, but once we beat it to death let’s stop! Because when it’s dead that’s when it starts being something you don’t want to do anymore.” What are you sick? How about don’t beat any horse living or deceased! 

Actually I could care less if you beat a dead horse. The horse is dead, it can’t feel anything. It’s not like its family is going to get any more upset about you beating it. At worst, the horse is watching you from horse heaven and saying “Damn those bastards”, but guess what, you’ll never see the horse again because it’s in a separate heaven. Horse heaven and human heaven don’t intersect so the horse will never get its vengeance. And we know horse ghosts don’t exist so who cares if you beat a dead horse? HAVE AT IT.

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