Dumbass Sayings: “Party Pooper”

Sorry, guys.
What does it mean to be a party pooper? Apparently it means someone who brings down a party’s mood or even ruins a party. So why is that linked to the word “poop”? What are we children? The way I see it, if someone poops at your party that means your party is "the shit"! If you haven't been paying attention to modern terminology that means "good".

Pooping is a natural human thing to do. People poop. Sometimes people have to poop at parties. And yes sometimes some people poop way more than other “normal” people and make the whole house stink to high heaven. Should I be ashamed of that? No. Look, I’m sorry I “ruined” your party, but if you’re that frightened of the natural smells of human feces then I suggest you have an air vent in your bathroom above the toilet or some scented candles I could have lit up to help minimize the smell. Oh and Happy 6th Birthday, Jimmy.

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