Dumbass Saying: “Dress For The Job You Want”

Unless you're applying to be a prostitute
don't dress for the job you want.
With unemployment rates as high as they are, there’s no room for sayings like this that will mislead people when it comes to getting a job. You should not dress for the job you want. For example: I WANT to be an astronaut. That does not mean I should dress in a replica NASA space suit to my job interview at an insurance firm. If you want to be a stripper, you should not come to an office building naked. You will be arrested by security in the main lobby.

Now if this saying were “Dress for the job you’re applying to” then I might not have as much of a problem with it. However that can still be a misleading piece of advice because if you’re applying to McDonald’s or a gas station you should dress a little nicer than that.

Another problem with this saying is it’s difficult for most people to actually do. If you want a great job and you’re broke, you can’t always dress as fancy as the job you want. Dressing for the job you want is right up there with companies only taking applications from people who are already employed. It’s just not right.

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