The Top 10 Male Names You’ll Never See Given To A Girl

If you want your girl to have a normal life
don't give her any of these names.
Sometimes new parents who are expecting a boy settle on a name too early and will keep the name even when they end up with a girl. Popular examples of this are Daryl, Devin, Sam, Terry, Cameron, and Sean. It may be a popular trend, but here are the top 10 male names you’ll never see given to a girl:

10. Jamal
9. Gilbert
8. Kristof
7. Chip
6. Horace
5. Alfredo
4. Vincent
3. Thurmond
2. Waldo
1. Igor

Just try to imagine a woman with any of these names. It’s not possible. You can name a girl Nicky or Sammy, but you can’t name them Igor. That doesn’t fly in any culture. Go ahead, prove me wrong and name your daughter one of these names. I won’t be the one you’re hurting!

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