Ask McFartnuggets: “Did I React Properly After Walking In On My Grandparents Making Love?”

Grandparents used to be hot.
Sort of...
Dear McFartnuggets:
The other day I came home early from school and saw my grandparents making love on my bed. I screamed, slammed the door and ran away crying. My grandparents are now moving away. I feel like it’s my fault. Was I wrong to react the way I did? I feel like that was an appropriate response. I don’t feel guilty, but my family is making me feel so. My grandparents are 75 and 72 by the way. -- Kenny from Saginaw, Michigan

Dear Kenny:
I’m with your family on this one. You were definitely out of line by screaming and slamming the door. Now I wouldn’t expect you to stand there and applaud, cheering them on, but screaming is harsh. It’s a beautiful thing when two old people can still be romantic and sure it’s easy for me to say that, I didn’t get the visual, but if I did I doubt I would scream. I might silently vomit in my mouth, but I’d have a poker face on so they wouldn’t know. You did react wrong, but I can’t really blame you. It’s probably a lot like feeling a tickle, looking down and seeing a giant tarantula on your bare leg. Most people would shriek like a bitch and run. In fact, you have to question the type of person who wouldn’t. To answer to your question, yes you didn’t act incorrectly. I wish your family all the best and hopefully you can patch things up with your grandparents because they’ll certainly leave a hole in you that can’t be filled even by your grandpa.

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