Dumbass Sayings: “Mo Money, Mo Problems”

Whenever someone offers you free money
they're just saddling you with problems.
One of the most well known phrases from hip hop music is “Mo money, mo problems.” Basically it means that the more monetary capital one obtains, the more financial obligations they are obligated to fulfill. While this is true, the difficulties resulting in personal wealth would best qualify as “responsibilities” as opposed to “problems”. That’s an important distinction to make. If one does not wish to face the responsibilities of being rich they can simply give all their money away, but no one ever does that do they! The reason they don’t is because “Less money, mo severe quality of life destroying problems.” You may have more to worry about when you have lots of money, but when you have no money, the few problems you do have to worry about are serious issues. Problems like “What am I going to eat?” and “Where will I sleep tonight?” may only be two problems, (far less than “Mo”) but I think most people would take “Mo problems” over those two difficulties. “Mo money, mo problems” is not a real complaint, it’s more of a way to say that being rich isn’t perfect. What is?

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