Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has NOTHING

People always ask “What do you get for the person who has everything?” But an even better question is “What do you get for the person who has NOTHING?” If someone has everything then they don’t need a gift. Any gift you give them would be redundant and unnecessary. It would be a waste. If you’re going to give a gift, why not give it to someone who has absolutely nothing? That would seem to be the logical thing to do.

4, Toilet Paper
Toilet paper is one of those things we all take for granted. For a person who has nothing, toilet paper is a great treasure. It’s simply no fun having to wipe with an old oily mechanic’s rag or tattered wool sweater.

Wiping with handfuls of shredded paper you find in people's garbage is no fun.

3. Clothes
One of the major basic necessities in life these days is clothing. Even the homeless have clothing. You can’t be a naked homeless person, no one’s going to put any money in your cup like that. So if you know someone with nothing, get them started off with some pants.

It's difficult to be taken seriously in the business world without clothes.

2. House
More important than toilet paper and clothes is a house because if you have a house you can walk around dirty assed naked all day and still be somewhat comfortable.

Living in a tree isn't just for elves anymore.

1. Food
The most important necessity of all is food. Someone who has nothing can always drink rain for free, but food is a little harder to come by and just as important. There’s a reason obesity is sweeping the nation, it’s fun to eat. When you’re eating bacon it’s hard to concentrate on how bad your life sucks. That’s the power of food.

Have you ever met a vegan homeless man?

So if you know someone who has nothing and you can’t think of any good gift ideas I hope this list helps you. Don’t waste your time getting gifts for the man or woman who has everything. They won’t cherish your gift. They might say they will, but they’re blatantly lying right to your face. A gift to someone who doesn’t need it is a worthless gift no matter what the value. Why not make a difference instead?

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