The Top 5 Creepiest Things To Do When Someone Hugs You

If you sense you're going to do something
creepy, go for the side hug immediately.
Normally when someone hugs you it’s a nice and kind gesture. However, there are certain things you can do during a hug that will creep the other person out especially if they don’t know you that well. Here are the top 5 things you never want to do when someone’s embracing you in a hug:

5. Fart
We’ve all been hugged a little too hard and farted before, yet for some reason that doesn’t make it any less awkward and strange. It’s especially creepy to fart if you weren’t even hugged that hard and you fart for a long time. Then that makes the person want to let go as soon as possible to get away from the smell and that’s the opposite of how a hug should go.

4. Shiver violently and groan
If there’s anything that creeps people out during a hug it’s when you shake vigorously and let out a loud groan or moan. It’s totally uncalled for and serves only to disturb the hugger. It take a nice pleasant hug and makes it seem like something far more severe.

3. Whisper “I hope this moment never ends” into the other person’s ear
This is a particularly creepy thing to do during a hug especially if you’ve never met the other person before. Whether it’s meeting a new family member or hugging the person giving out free hugs in the park, it never ceases to frighten folks.

2. Squeeze them as hard as you can
When someone hugs you they expect a hug back. What they don’t expect is to be trapped in a full body vice grip. You can see the panic on their faces as they try to figure out what’s going on. They’re asking themselves a thousand questions at once and their brain can’t handle it. At that point it’s a matter of fight or flight.

1. Start peeing
And the absolute worst, creepiest thing you can do while hugging someone is urinate. It’s creepy because it’s gross and scary at the same time. The person is thinking “Well that’s unexpectedly warm...” Then once they realize what’s going on they try to get away from you so you don’t get wee on them. This is so creepy it can ruin a friendship.

Those are the DON’Ts of hugging. The Do’s are pretty simple, just do NOT do any of the things I just listed and you’ll be fine. Happy hugging!

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