Dumbass Sayings: “No Man Is An Island”

To clarify: this is not a man.
Okay, so no man is an island. So what is a man then? A state? A county? Is a man even his own country as long as it’s landlocked? The point that everyone eventually needs help from others is valid, but the metaphor is very odd. So if you need help from other people you should be pressed up against them 24 hours a day? No, people need some water between them. Just because you’re an island doesn’t mean you’re completely apart from the rest of the world. Hawaii is an island and yet it’s still a state. This saying might have been more applicable and understandable before planes existed, but now we can travel and transport goods and supplies quite easily from island to mainland. Thanks to technology and the internet, a person can subsist almost entirely without any human contact. As time goes on this saying becomes less and less relevant. A man CAN be an island. Fortunately we’re not at a point yet where an island can be a man. That’s going to be pretty weird, but with doctors making advancements in gender alteration surgeries who knows. It is a strange new world.

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