Dumbass Internet Sayings: “:3”

No one used emoticons until one day
someone accidentally tilted their heads
while looking at a colon and parentheses
Sometimes you’ll see people type “:3” after a sentence on the internet in the same way someone will type “XD” or “:p” to signify laughing or sticking a tongue out. I didn’t know what :3 meant so I had to look it up. According to Urban Dictionary, typing :3 is supposed to represent the “cat face of an anime character when they say something cute.” That’s utterly ridiculous. A “cat face”? You’ve gotta be defecating me! Usually when you type text as faces it should look somewhat like what you’re trying to convey like: :) a smiley or a < :( klansman, but this :3 doesn’t look like a cat at all. Anyone who doesn’t know what an anime cat face would have no idea what :3 is supposed to mean. What I initially thought it meant was you were someone with a ballsack for a mouth. That’s not just me seeing things either, a :3 looks like a person with eyes who has a scrotum dangling where their mouth should be. Maybe this is more popular than I think it is. If that’s the case have fun with your testes mouths, nutlips!

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