Dumbass Sayings: “Hey Is For Horses”

Some people think they deserve a
damn hand kiss every time someone
greets them.
On a rare occasion you might meet someone who thinks the greeting “Hey” is impolite. I’m not sure how that belief got started. You’ll say “Hey” to someone and they say:
“Hey is for horses! How about saying ‘Greetings and salutations on this lovely morning, and how are you feeling today, Geoffrey? I trust all is well in your life?”

That is ridiculous. No one has time to greet random assholes like that. You’ll get a “Hey” and like it. Just be glad it wasn’t a “Hi”. “Hi” is even worse because it’s a letter shorter. It’s the absolute lowest effort someone can give when greeting you which should therefore be seen as the most impolite greeting. But there is no dumbass saying for “Hi” is there? No one says “Hi is for potheads” when they’re offended you said “Hi” to them. Yet saying “Hey is for horses” is okay? No. It’s not! Just be glad people are acknowledging you at all and know that if you keep it up with the “Hey is for horses” crap you’ll wind up not even getting those anymore. You’ll be begging for some “Hey”! You’ll wish your nickname was Mr. Ed!

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