The Top 5 Most Embarrassing Places To Get A Nosebleed

You never want to get a
nosebleed around a Chupacabra.
But that's more dangerous
than embarrassing.
Getting a nosebleed in public can be fairly embarrassing and disgusting annoyance. Most of the time people understand it’s a natural human thing to bleed from your nose, but other times it’s not so easy to forgive. Here are the top 5 worst places to get a nosebleed:

5. Strip club
Whether you’re the stripper or the person getting a lap dance, it’s not cool to get a nosebleed in a strip club. If you’re getting a lap dance the stripper gets concerned and a little creeped out and if you’re the stripper, no one looks sexy with tampons stuffed in her nostrils.

You wouldn't want to get kicked out of a classy establishment like this.

4. Dance floor
It doesn’t matter how well you’re dancing, if your nose starts leaking blood it’s going to cramp your style a bit. Nothing really freaks a woman out more than slow dancing with a guy and seeing a pool of blood trickle out of his nose. Plus you risk getting the dance floor all slippery with plasma and someone could hurt themselves.

When you take too much cocaine you're gonna want to dance, but just know a nosebleed is on its way.

3. Wedding
Your wedding is a pretty important moment. It’s always a shame to ruin that by getting blood all over your dress. God help you if you accidentally sneeze on the priest.

You may now kiss the bride, and remove the tissue crammed up your nose.

2. Bed
Getting a nosebleed in bed is pretty bad, specifically if it’s during sex. One minute you’re making love the next minute the hooker is drenched in blood which is probably the worst time for the police to kick the door in.

Probably hard to fall asleep without a pillow.

1, Roller coaster
And the worst place to ever get a nosebleed is on a roller coaster, especially one with a lot of loops. If you’ve ever had a serious nosebleed on a loopy ass roller coaster you know that it makes the ride a lot scarier for everyone and not in a good way. When everyone gets off they’re screaming covered in blood and asking you about your medical history. It’s not a fun time which of course is the whole purpose of a roller coaster to begin with.

Suffer a severe nosebleed here and everyone looks like a Jackson Pollock painting when they get off.

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