Dumbass Sayings: “Honesty Is The Best Policy”

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up to 5 inches just by lying!
Anyone who’s lived life knows that honesty is not always the best policy. If you truly believe this then the next time you’re late to work tell your boss the truth. Tell him “I was late because I was on the toilet for an extra thirty minutes more than I had prepared for because I was struggling with a stubborn poop.” See how that works out for you. No, in certain instances, lying is the best policy. It’s a lot easier and better to just say “I was caught up in traffic.” See how much easier that is? And it doesn’t lead to you and your boss having awkward eye contact before they tell you “I didn’t need to know that.” Then just like that you’re on their list of expendable employees. It was bad enough you were late, but to share personal details like that with a superior in front of everyone, that’s just stupid. Sometimes honesty can be very stupid.

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