Dumbass Sayings: “Rules Are Made To Be Broken”

I think Moses was the first to say this.
When people break a rule and it turns out positive for everyone they usually say “Rules were made to be broken”, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Rules are specifically made NOT to be broken. That’s why they’re rules. That’s why they’re made. People saw folks doing things wrong and made rules against that so they would stop. I think people confuse this with the saying “Records are made to be broken” which actually makes a little more sense. Records are set and then broken and hopefully people continue to break them to advance the achievement of the human species. However, RULES are not the same thing. For example, there’s a rule against rape. You shouldn’t rape people. As far as I’m concerned you should not break that rule. There’s a rule against kidnapping and murdering people. Again, another rule that you should never break. That’s two right there. So to make this general statement that “Rules are meant to be broken” is horribly irresponsible and flat out wrong.

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