Is It “Lego” Or “Legos” With An S?

Look at all those Lego.
Lego has been around for decades, yet for some reason like the Washington Redskins and gay marriage people are only now talking about it. People have been calling them “Legos” since they came to America and now that there’s a big blockbuster movie about animated “Lego” they think they can just change the way people talk. I had been calling them “Legos” for years and no one ever corrected me until recently a child said “Hey asswipe, they’re called LEGO. Get it right!” I don’t know why I believed or even respected something a child was telling me, but from then on I started calling them “Lego”. So far it’s worked out great. Now when a young child in my family asks me for “Lego” for his birthday or Christmas I use the opportunity to wrap a single “Lego” brick for him. When he gets upset and starts crying I say “You should have put an S on it! That’s how Uncle Binkie recognizes a plural! Now have fun building nothing, sucka!” Is this cruel? Yes, but it’s the only way to teach these kids. No child or Danish person is going to change my vocabulary! We don’t have to put up with this shit!

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