Dumbass Sayings: “Hot And Bothered”

"I have typhoid fever,
let's get it on."
When I’m on a bus in the middle of July and a hobo walks up to me smelling like a wet garbage bag of dead racoon asses preaching crazy religious nonsense at me, at that moment I am “Hot and bothered.” Does that mean I want to have intercourse with the hobo? Of course not. Yet, when I tell him “Excuse me, you’re making me very hot and bothered” he gets the wrong idea. I’m just using normal English. I don’t subscribe to archaic sayings whose meanings are only maintained out of tradition. Why does “Bothered” mean horny? I guess that means when a woman says “Get away, you’re bothering me” it really means she’s getting turned on. No? That’s not what it means? Alright then I guess we can all agree “Hot and bothered” shouldn’t mean horny then and it’s a stupid saying that should be retired from modern usage altogether because it’s giving people the wrong idea!

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