The Top 10 WORST Things To Give Up For Lent

When it comes to Quadragesima or “Lent” as it is known to some, most people choose something easy to give up because they know it’s six brutal weeks. They don’t want to risk giving up a really good luxury because they know if they break their promise to Jesus he will remember and it will be very awkward when they die and go to Heaven. That’s why it may be wise to choose easy things to give up. Most people give up things like dogfighting or masturbation or cocaine and those are all good things to give up, but there are bad things to give up. Here are the the top ten things you shouldn’t give up for Quadragesima or “Lent”.

10. Music
Music is a very popular luxury. Unfortunately, it is is so ubiquitous that in order to give it up you basically have to wear earplugs everywhere and that can complicate your life severely.


9. Medication
If you take a medication that keeps your brain chemistry “balanced” then it’s probably unwise of you to give those pills up for Lent. It’s a strong gesture and shows your commitment to the whole thing, but it could very easily end in disaster.

Don't give up Polio vaccines for Lent.

8. Car
The world would probably be better off if everyone gave up cars for Lent. However, it’s just not a practical luxury to give up for six whole weeks. I’m sure it would impress everyone a lot, but you’ll still probably be late for work every day and eventually you’ll be fired.

This is what happens when you give up sobriety for Lent.

7. Sleep
Giving up sleep for even one week can be fatal so it’s virtually impossible to give it up for the duration of Lent.

Pretty sure that sleeping guy is dead.

6. Marriage
Even if your marriage is not going the way you want, using Lent as an excuse to get a divorce isn’t right. If you’re going to get a divorce, get a divorce. Don’t say you’re giving up your marriage for Lent and that’s the reason for submitting the paperwork.

And don't give up child support for Lent either.

5. Glasses/contact lenses
If you are one of the millions of visually impaired folks out there you know that glasses and contact lenses are a great luxury of life. Sadly, without them you are a serious danger to not only yourself but others especially if you’re not giving up your car for Lent also.

People used to have to hold glasses to their face...

4. Clothing
Clothing is definitely a luxury we all take for granted, however giving it up for Lent can lead to jail time.

Even Adam knew the importance of a well placed twig.
3. Reading
If you love books you might think giving up reading would be a good idea for Lent. Unfortunately, you need to read a lot of other things in daily life besides books like street signs and medicine bottles so giving up reading is not so smart after all.

Sorry, Amish. I'm giving reading up for Lent.

2. Your Children
If you’re a good parent you probably view your children as a luxury. That doesn’t mean you can give them up for adoption during Lent. It may be a huge sacrifice to you, but it’s better to keep your kids and try giving up hard liquor instead.

That's not how Visine works.

1. Life
Life is the ultimate luxury and all the talk of sacrifices and God might make you want to go to Heaven right away. Please remember that suicide is considered a sin. Yes, I know that means that all those poor bullied children who committed suicide are being punished for that AGAIN and that doesn’t really make sense, but no one should ever kill themselves regardless so just don’t do it.

Yes, we all start out as disgusting snake babies.

Hopefully you didn’t give up any of these things for Lent and if you did, maybe there’s still time to swap it out for a better option like video games, shaving, or heroin.

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