The Top 5 Worst Places To Get A Paper Cut

Paper cuts are one of the most annoying things in life. It’s like the trees’ way of getting back at man for mutilating their flesh and turning it into pulp. The most common place to get a paper cut is on your hands, but there are other far more worse places to get a paper cut and here are the top 5:

5. Wrist
Getting a paper cut on your wrist is tough because there’s a chance it can slice a serious artery. Even if it doesn’t you have to deal with people asking “Is everything alright?” all the time until it heals which is annoying. I’m not suicidal I’m just a careless reader!

Paper cuts are not a cry for help. They're a cry for softer paper edges.

4. Eye
Usually the only time you get a paper cut on your eye is when you’ve got poor vision and are really into a book. You’re reading too close and flip a page fast to find out what’s going to happen next and accidentally slice your cornea open. This is a double whammy because you’ve hurt yourself and now reading is difficult.

Ironically, getting a paper cut on your eye and blinding yourself permanently is the best sign of needing glasses.

3. Taint
Taint skin is among the most sensitive of all skin on the human body. It’s skin that rarely ever touches anything foreign so a paper cut there is VERY painful. And god help you if it’s a deep cut because getting stitches there is no treat either.

There's literally no reason to have a book that close to your Perineum.

2. Anus
Fortunately since they started making toilet paper a lot softer, anal paper cuts aren’t very common. However there are times when toilet paper isn’t available and you foolishly improvise with a novella or pop-up book. When this happens and you get nicked by a sharp edge it is a personal tragedy you will never forget.

Anus tissue is some of the most delicate around. That's why it requires such soft bathroom tissue.

1. Genitals
I know a lot of people who love reading, but you should never love it enough to get a paper cut on your genitalia. Love literature, but don’t love literature literally.

Flowers are plant genitals.

Paper cuts are one of the main reasons the Kindle business is doing so well. You can rub that anywhere you want and not end up in the hospital. Still, nothing beats the feeling of real paper between your fingers.

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