Dumbass Sayings: “When You Assume You Make An Ass Out Of Me And U"

Someone's been assuming a lot.
Assuming isn’t always bad. There’s an evolutionary reason for people making assumptions. You can assume “I shouldn’t climb into that tiger cage because the tiger will probably murder me.” That assumption doesn’t make an ass out of you OR me. You can assume that “This ex-con would probably make a really bad babysitter. I shouldn’t let him watch my kids.” Now maybe the ex-con is great with kids! Maybe he’s naturally very careful around children and is a great teacher, but there’s not a huge benefit for taking that risk and going against the assumption that he will kill your entire family. The point here is that you should not assume that all assumptions are bad. If you believe that assuming makes an ass out of you and me then you’re also assuming and that would make you an ass to yourself. At that point you may as well assume tons of other things because you’re already an ass and it's too late to change back. You're stuck in ass form now because you assumed.

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