The Top 5 Worst Places To Take Your Kids When You Have Temporary Custody

After a divorce where you gain split custody of your kids it’s important to show them a fun time so they know you’re the better parent, but it’s also important not to go too overboard with the fun. Some parents get too caught up in trying to be the renegade parent and end up endangering their beloved kids. If you don’t want that to be you then you’re going to avoid these five activities:

5. Gangsta Rap Concert
Everyone likes some good old fashioned gangsta rap every now and then, but the lyrics aren’t exactly the best things to instill in young children.

Until your kids are old enough for the birds and the bees speech they should be kept away from the pimp and gangsta lifestyle.

4. Illegal Street Race
As the death of Paul Walker showed us, street racing is not the safest pastime in the world. You never know when a car might overshoot a turn and skid into the crowd. Then when your wife finds out it was an illegal street race it looks that much worse to the courts.

Street racing can be tempting when you're driving a beast like this, but think about the safety of the children.

3. Bare-knuckle Street Fight
Bare-knuckle street fights are a pretty hardcore form of entertainment. Definitely not a suitable environment for children. You may be hoping to groom your child into the next Mike Tyson, but it’s best to teach them how to box with gloves on. That’s where the real money is. If they don’t have what it takes to be a real boxer then they can hit the underground scene and rise to the top of the underground streetfighting world.

Never a good idea to show your kids people solving their differences with knives through the skull.

2. Cockfight
Cockfights take the brutality of bare-knuckle street fights and merge them with the sickening nature of animal cruelty. This is the perfect formula for screwing up a young kid’s developing mind. Exhibiting cruelty toward animals is seen as a warning sign for sociopathic tendencies in children so it would be wise not to encourage that and facilitate it by bringing your kids to cockfights.

In theory, cockfighting is very similar to "Pokemon", but that is only IN THEORY.

1. Stalking Another Woman
Probably the worst thing you can do with your kids when you have time with them is to bring them with you as you “Hunt down ‘New Mommy’”. First off, why do you call it that? What the hell is wrong with you? It’s wrong enough to stalk a person, but if you have to, do it on your own damn time. Don’t bring your kids into it. Remember, if your kids are young enough they probably still believe you love their mother so seeing you with a telescope watching another lady taking a wash herself in the shower would probably shatter that pleasant illusion they believe to maintain their fantasy of having a nice family.

You wanna stalk someone? Invest in a drone and do it the right way.

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