Ask McFartnuggets: “How Are You Supposed to Get to a Car Dealership if You Don’t Have a Car?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
So I just moved to a new town and I really need a car to get around to my new job and stuff. I’ve been looking to buy a new car but the only places that sell cars are car dealerships which are always in the middle of nowhere on freeway type roads that don’t even have sidewalks. How the freak am I supposed to actually get to the car dealership to buy a car? Isn’t this a flaw in the system? Why aren’t there car dealerships in walking distance to bus stops? I would just have someone drive me, but I don’t know anyone around here and even if I did get someone to drop me off I couldn’t get them to pick me up so that would give the car dealer way too much leverage knowing I had no ride home and I HAD to buy. I can’t put myself in that situation. There are no taxis around here either! -- Paige from Newtown, Pennsylvania

Dear Paige:
Well, the whole reason you need a car is because it’s not really possible to get to places without one. It’s an interesting problem. I would have recommended taking a cab but you said they don’t have any. I think the best you can do is just walk to the dealership as carefully as you can. It would be best to not reveal that you had walked miles to get there so make sure you’re not all sweaty. Find a local rest stop and get something to eat and wash up first then get ready to do business! I would also recommend possibly renting a bicycle. You’d have to walk to the bicycle shop though, so it may just be more convenient to walk right to the car dealership. I don’t know, it really depends on the geography you’re dealing with. And as far as the negotiating process goes, don’t be afraid to leave for the day and camp out under a tree until the next day to get a better deal. You really don’t want those salesmen to take advantage of someone who desperately needs a car. Good luck!

I like to ride a giraffe unicycle there so people know I'm mentally unstable right off the bat.

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