Dumbass Sayings: “Spinning in His/Her Grave”

Sometimes when you do your new risque dance routine in front of family and friends before you hit the “America’s Got Talent” stage, your mother says “My word! It’s a good thing nana isn’t around to see this! She’s probably spinning in her grave right now!” People mean this to show dissatisfaction of a thing, but it’s such a humorous visual. Picture your maternal grandmother’s skeleton spinning like a drill bit in her coffin and try not to laugh. It’s a very absurd scene. This phrase apparently comes from the original term “Turning over in the grave.” The original idea was that if you’re really upset about something after you’re dead you’ll turn your corpse over in the casket. Then if you’re extremely mad you’ll keep turning yourself over repeatedly and very fast which will result in a spinning type of behavior. I’m not sure if turning over in your grave even makes sense. Why is that a sign of displeasure? Like people are looking down from Heaven and saying “Wow that really pisses me off! Hey, angels, could someone spin my body a few times really quick?” No one can see you doing this, folks! If that’s what’s happening don’t even bother. We’ll just assume it’s happening on your behalf when we perceive things that would be offensive to you if you were alive, which you’re not.

Unless they're talking about knitting, but who buries someone with a spinning wheel?

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