Dumbass Sayings: “Be Fearful of Mediocrity”

The British artist Jonathan Ellery is credited with saying “Be fearful of mediocrity.” Well, if mediocrity is something to fear then that means it deserves a little more credit than you’re giving it. If mediocrity means “pedestrian” or “inferior” then you should have no reason to be fearful of it at all. By fearing mediocrity you’re exhibiting consternation in the face of weakness and isn’t that truly the epitome of weakness? A superior person should be fearless. By fearing things, you yourself become mediocre and if you’re fearing mediocrity itself then your own mediocrity is thus compounded. You would then be fearing yourself and what sense does that make? Fearing things gives them strength. It gives them power over you. If mediocrity was powerful enough to be something to fear then you should probably want to embrace it, accept it, and use it to your advantage. If you’re fearing mediocrity you should welcome it. If you’re scared of something then you should face your fears. Become mediocre and explore the true power of normalcy and pedestrianism!

"Oh no! It's mediocrity! Somebody help me!"

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