Ask McFartnuggets: "How Come Women Only Dress Whorish When It's Sunny Outside?"

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I've noticed that for some reason when it's a really sunny day even if it's not that hot and just like 70 degrees women will wear shirts that show their titties and shorts or really tight pants. The thing is if its the same temperature, same humidity, but cloudy you don't see that as much. In fact you rarely see it at all. What is the reason for this? What goes through women's minds? "Oh it's partly sunny I better not have my ass hanging out today. It's partly cloudy better put the tits away!" Seriously? It's bad enough it's cloudy you're not going to give me any eye candy to look at? That just sours the day even more! How come women only dress whorish in sunny weather? -- Barry from Pittsburgh

Dear Barry:
Well there are a few reasons for this. First and foremost a lot of these women are trying to expose their skin to the sun to naturally tan their skin so they can appear vibrant and healthy. That's obviously not a good idea considering skin cancer, but I'm just telling you the reasoning I'm not saying I agree with it. Also, when it's nice and sunny out people are naturally in a better mood so they want to have fun and part of having fun means wearing a low cut shirt and having those breasts get some air. Lastly, when it's cloudy there's less light so it's not even worth dressing "whorish" as you insensitively put it. It'd be like dimming the lights at an art gallery. Who would do that? You should display your art properly or not at all. Thanks for the question, Barry.

Clouds also usually mean rain and you wouldn't want to get wet wearing very little clothing, unless you're at a pool or in any other situation that involves getting wet...

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