Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do People Get Put in the Wrong Bodies So Often?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Transgender people say they’re born in the wrong bodies and there are a lot more of them now than there used to be. Why are so many people being born in the wrong bodies these days? They say 5% of the entire world population is transgender. Whoever is responsible for putting the right brains in the right bodies is clearly falling asleep at the switch. Is god the one getting this wrong? I know he must be getting old and he’s got a lot of responsibilities, but come on, man putting the right brain in the right body is basic stuff. These are rookie mistakes. Is there a new God that took over while the real one is on vacation or something and no one told us? -- Barry from Washington D.C.

Dear Barry:
I don’t know, 95% is still a pretty good score. Obviously you’d like it to be at 100%, but life isn’t perfect. Either god is the one putting brains in bodies and god is messing up (which is very unbecoming of an omnipotent deity) OR people just aren’t mentally and emotionally fitting into the gender class they’re assigned by their genitals at birth. I think it’s more of the latter which means it’s less an issue of brains put in the wrong body and more just the person’s brain unable to articulate their dissatisfaction with their lives in more scientific terms. There are some people out there who think they’re actually goats born into human bodies. It’s just that transgender is now becoming a more accepted thing. It’s like homosexuality in that society is becoming more open to accepting it because of how many people are qualifying for that membership. There are probably thousands of little reasons why there are more transgender people these days due to the way people’s brains develop in today’s age along with society. The two both affect each other and ultimately lead to the way a person feels about their role in society as well as what they can label it to feel complete as a person. It’s all a numbers game there doesn’t appear to be anyone explicitly responsible. I doubt there’s a novice replacement God on duty, but I guess anything’s possible. Goat people aren’t accepted quite yet and they may never be. If we were in a culture that really worshipped goats it’s possible that they would be taken more seriously.

Putting brains in the right bodies is probably a lot harder than it seems.

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