Dumbass Sayings: “If I Had to Do it All Over Again, I Wouldn’t Change a Thing”

Sometimes when people are looking back at their life they say “If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a damn thing!” Okay first off, what do you mean if you HAD TO? Would you seriously be forced into the idea of getting an extra bonus life on top of the one you’ve already had? I don’t know, I think I would jump at that chance immediately. If you waste a second hesitating on that then there’s a good chance you would change things because you’re clearly not having that much fun being alive to pass up another go around. Now for the big part of what’s wrong with this saying... You wouldn’t change A THING? People aren’t serious when they say this. It would actually be impossible to not change at least one event in your life. Do you know how difficult it would be to transfer back into your baby body decades ago with your current brain and live out your life EXACTLY THE SAME WAY as the first time? Good luck doing that! At the very least you would place a Super Bowl bet! I’d hope you would spend more time with your grandma before she died unexpectedly. Of course you would change things, you knucklehead. Stop trying to sound so sure of your life’s decisions. You’re clearly overcompensating by saying this and it’s making your self-doubt painfully evident.

You don't regret anything? Not even that night you spent with those pigs?

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