Ask McFartnuggets: “If Not Being in a Relationship is Called Being Single Why Isn’t Dating Called Being Double?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Hey if not being in a relationship is called being “single” then why isn’t dating called being “double”? -- Nelson from Des Moines, Iowa

Dear Nelson:
That is an interesting observation. I think it’s because if you called people “double” it might sound like they’re a pair of conjoined twins. Double implies a duplication which would only be suitable for same-sex couples and even they don’t use that term. It just stops at “single” for the same reason a three-way isn’t called a “triple” or a four-person orgy isn’t called a “home run/grand slam.” The only reason people not in a relationship are called “single” is because that’s a much better word to describe yourself than “alone.” Single really means alone, but that’s just too depressing of a label so they changed it to “single” and that’s where the thought process stopped which is why couples aren’t called “doubles.” I hope that explains it.

Sometimes love doesn't need a label.

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