Dumbass Sayings: “Bloody”

Sometimes you’re at a toffee shoppe waiting in queue and some tallywhacker is taking a bit too much of a think in ordering his sweets. Someone in behind you yells out “AY WANKER! PICK A BLOODY TOFFEE! THIS IS REALLY BRASSING ME OFF! BLOODY BOLLOCKS! ” English people love saying “bloody” but this can get very confusing. Let’s say for example you’re trying to sell off some used personal enjoyment items and someone contacts you and places an order. There’s some confusion about which personal enjoyment item they requested so you phone them up and they’re in the United Kingdom. After a few minutes of confusing back and forth they start getting frustrated and say “JUST MAIL ME THE BLOODY PERSONAL ENJOYMENT ITEM!” So you agree just to get them to stop their yakking and mail them a personal enjoyment item covered in blood. Oh boy you would have thought you just started an international incident! Well there goes your perfect eBay seller rating all because of a minor miscommunication due to the improper use of what should be strictly a medical term to avoid future incidents.

You said to send you the bloody clothes already! Sorry, it took me awhile to find someone to drain.

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