Dumbass Sayings: “No One Puts Bumper Stickers on a Ferrari”

When you tell people you’re planning to get a tattoo sometimes they say “Whoa! You can’t do that to your body! You don’t see people putting bumper stickers on a Ferrari do you? Why would you ruin your perfect body like that?!” Now I can sort of see the comparison here, but the big difference is people don’t get “We Are Proud of Our Honor Student” tattooed on themselves. Tattoos are usually a little more artistic than that and no one is ever THAT proud of their honor student apparently. When done right, tattoos can look really cool. A good tattoo is more like the equivalent of painting a Ferrari to look like the Batmobile. No one does that either, but if they did it would probably look pretty badass. The fact of the matter is, people drive Ferraris and luxury cars to show off. A person’s body is not a luxury item. You’re in your body all the time. If you were in your Lamborghini 24 hours a day you’d eventually stop giving a shit if there were mustard stains on the seats. You’d probably get bored with it and want to paint demon skulls on it after awhile especially if you felt incomplete or dissatisfied with life. A bumper sticker isn’t nearly the same thing as a tattoo. A bumper sticker is more like a temporary tattoo if anything.

I guess when you have a nice enough car you don't need people to know you dislike the president.

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