Dumbass Sayings: “Take Your Own Life”

Sometimes when you show up to work and Horace isn’t there you ask the boss “Hey, where’s Horace?” and they say “Horace took his own life last night.” Okay that’s all well and good, but you don’t need the word “own” in that sentence. You can say someone took their life and everyone knows exactly what you mean. It’s not like you hear “Horace took his life” and you think “Oh shit, but was it his own or someone else's?” That’s what the word “his” is there to clear up. This world is so full of extra fluff and filler that means nothing. It’s in our language and it becomes part of our lives. We fill our lives with pointless nonsense that has no real reason to be there other than to waste time. After long enough when you look inward you realize you’ve been empty this whole time you thought you were complete. When you add that to all the hypocrisy out there in the world, those are probably some of the main reasons Horace took his own life to begin with!

How can you take something from yourself anyway?

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