Dumbass Sayings: “Loose Cannon”

Sometimes when you’re at a job interview the interviewer says “I spoke with your previous employer and they said you were a pretty loose cannon.” Loose cannon? Is there such a thing as a tight cannon? Are tight cannons better? If you were comparing someone to just a regular cannon that would certainly mean they were a dangerous individual capable of inflicting a lot of harm on many people. There’s really no point in throwing the term “loose” in there. Also how does a cannon get loose? This seems like it would be better suited as a term to describe a woman’s vagina after she’s had several babies. Her baby cannon would be pretty loose after the fourth kid or so. She might be a little mentally deranged to want that many kids, but not the type of person you’d consider a “loose cannon.” Everyone’s a cannon. You light a strong enough spark under someone they’re going to explode. That’s what happened at my last job and yeah I regret what happened, but if you don’t wanna see the fire don’t light the fuse, bitch.

Like lips, loose cannons sink ships.

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