Ask McFartnuggets: “What if This World is Really Heaven?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
People are always talking about going to Heaven when they die and how great Heaven will be well how are we so certain that this world isn’t Heaven? Huh? Think about it! There’s so much beauty in this world. What if THIS is already Heaven? Couldn’t it be possible? Why can’t people imagine that? -- Johnnie from Toronto, Canada

Dear Johnnie:
That’s a nice thought, but if this is Heaven then I would really hate to see Hell! I don’t really buy into the idea that this world is Heaven. It just doesn’t seem THAT good. I mean how could there be hobos masturbating in Heaven? It doesn’t really make sense. How can there be rape and murder in Heaven? If this is Heaven then we’re currently in the afterlife so what was the last life like? The step under this must have been what we in currently view as Hell which means actual Hell must be something somehow worse than what we originally envisioned Hell to be. So while it might be nice to think this is already Heaven, it opens up an insane amount of potential horror. It’s not as quaint an idea as it first appears to be. Let’s really hope this isn’t Heaven. We die in this life though so… I’m pretty sure it’s not.

If this is heaven then there better be a mega heaven or we're screwed.

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