Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Does The Referee Always Give Instructions Before A Fight?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
How come the referee before a boxing match always brings the two fighters in and gives them instructions before a fight? It’s always the same speech every time. They always say “I’ve given you the instructions in the dressing room, no low blows, protect yourselves at all times, obey my commands at all times, let’s make this a clean fight. Touch gloves and come out fighting.” He says himself he already gave them the instructions. Is this meant for the benefit of the viewer? We already know! Is this really necessary? Like if he doesn’t mention no low blows it means that’s allowed? If he forgets to say “Protect yourself at all times” will the fighters not defend themselves from punches? Sometimes fighters leave their hands down during a fight and the referee doesn’t say shit. The referees don’t even enforce their instructions! Why is this even a thing? Everyone knows what the referee is going to say, no one even listens to it. They touch gloves then before they fight they touch gloves again so it’s like none of it even happened! It’s the same damn shit every time! -- Shaun from Calabasas, California

Dear Shaun:
I would presume it’s just a tradition of fighting. The referee has to reinforce their role as the enforcer of rules in the ring. If they don’t have this moment then the fighters may get too caught up in the fight and completely ignore the referee. Of course that’s not really true, I’m just trying to come up with a reason here. It’s just a part of the pageantry at this point like entrances and the fighter introductions. Maybe the fighters really do need the refresher though, they get punched in the brain a lot.

"Come out swinging, and by swinging I mean punching with your fists not 1930's style dancing."

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