Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Do Fighters Need Security When They Walk To The Ring?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Have you ever noticed that when boxers or MMA fighters come to the ring for a big fight they always have security guards leading them to the ring? Is that really necessary? If they’re fighters shouldn’t they be able to defend themselves? Only a pussy would need security to protect them. Who are they? Whitney Houston from the movie “The Bodyguard”? If somehow a fan runs up and beats the shit out of the guy then he probably shouldn’t have been in the fight to begin with! -- Julio from Newark, New Jersey

Dear Julio:
Well, there is some truth to your point, but the fighters are going to the ring to face their opponent. They shouldn’t have to worry about people coming out of the crowd to attack them with weapons. They’re not paid to fight the fans. There’s no telling what could happen if a fighter was attacked by someone in the crowd. Anyone can get in a sucker punch or hit them with a weapon. There’s no shame in having security. It’s just an added precaution. Do professional race car drivers take the airbags out of their personal cars? They might be highly skilled, but safety comes first!

Two types of people need security, professional fighters and little Arab girls.

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