Dumbass Sayings: "False God"

These days everyone is calling Superman a "False god.” Look I don’t know what Superman did to piss people off so bad, but he’s only trying to help. We know his motives are in the right place so I think it’s okay to ignore a few mistakes when he’s saving the world constantly. We live in a world where there are supervillains and you’re going to get on Superman’s case? That’s idiotic. What’s almost worse is this term “False god.” That’s a little redundant don’t you think? Science has yet to prove the existence of any god regardless of which one you believe in so for all intents and purposes, all gods are false. If you thought Superman was a god then it’s your fault for placing that label on the dude. He’s just an alien. Does he bleed like you or me? I don’t know. No one has hit him hard enough to find out. Maybe if Batman creates some sort of special suit with Kryptonite in it he can make Superman bleed. I hope Batman doesn’t do anything silly like leave a mouth hole that Superman can just shoot heat beams or freeze breath into that would kill him instantly…

No one knows for sure about gods, you just try to pick the least ridiculous one and hope for the best.

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