Dumbass Sayings: "Not My Cup of Tea"

Sometimes when you're exposing your nude body to someone going "Ya like it? Eh? Ehh?!" They say "Sorry that's just not my cup of tea." So the cup of tea you prefer doesn't have nipples? There's something weird about this saying. No one refers to the things they DO like as their "cup of tea" it's only used in a negative context like people are only picky about what types of tea they don't enjoy like teas can be offensive. I've never in my life turned down a cup of tea because it wasn't my cup of tea. It's just tea, asshole. If you're referring to what your "cup of tea" is sexually then this saying should be "Not my cup of coffee" because as we all know people like their women how they like their coffee, Columbian and without a dick. No one likes their women how they like their tea. What? Green and full of antioxidants? I guess, if you're fucking a Martian. People are vehement about their coffee not their tea. So the next time you see someone's ballsack and it disturbs you just say "That's definitely not my cup of coffee" and then maybe I'll be able to understand what you're trying to say.

Cups of tea aren't really my cup of tea.

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